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Car services

We’re committed to auto repair and to serving you with quality and value.

Our mechanics, electricians and body repairers are highly skilled and have years of experience. Above all, they love and care about cars.

Car servicing

Check to bodywork, axles, brake assemblies, car parts.

Oil, filter and fluid changes, as well as complex engine repairs and replacements.

Tyre service

We provide wheel alignment. Tyre check and balancing are a matter of course. We provide manufacturer recommended tyres at competitive prices.

We will store the second tyre set.

Electrical services

Our technician can access your vehicle’s data with diagnostic tools and using our strategy based diagnostic process will be able to identify the exact cause of any problems and can repair even very complex faults.

Auto Body

Details matter. We know this and that’s why we have experienced auto body repairers withing our team who will repair any damage to your car with the utmost care.

Paint shop

Hitting the exact colour isn’t always entirely easy. That’s why you need to choose a paint shop that has experience and practice – like us.


We service cars not only for individuals, but also for companies. We provide everything from routine maintenance to tyre servicing and a pick-up service in Prague and the surrounding area.